Blind dating sidemen

blind dating sidemen

How does sidemen blind dating work?

In Sidemen Blind Dating, the group members are pitted against several women or men who appear as guests on the show. These guests should ask a series of questions and eliminate one member each from each question. And the person who stays, in the end, is considered the winner. Subsequently, they are also considered a perfect match for the guest.

Which sideman has been in 5th place twice?

Simon is the only sideman to be in fifth place twice. Coincidentally, JJ and Simons ranks are close to each-other 3 times. (1st girl, JJ won, making him first place and Simon was second, 3rd girl, Simon was third, JJ was fourth, and for the 4th girl, Simon placed fifth, while JJ placed sixth.

Who is the only sideman to be voted out twice?

Josh is the only sideman to be voted out of a competition first, twice. Tobi is the only sideman to make it to second place twice, both times losing against Vikk. Vikk is the only sideman to win twice.

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