Uranium-thorium dating explained

uranium-thorium dating explained

Can you get more electricity with thorium than uranium?

Thorium, a naturally occurring radioactive element found in abundance in the Earth’s crust all around the world, might well be a better fuel source than uranium for nuclear power generation for a variety of reasons.

Does thorium have more binding energy than uranium?

Thorium mines has an open pit which does not require ventilation, whereas uranium mines is closed off where the radon level reach potentially dangerous levels. It is estimated that one ton of thorium can produce as much energy as 35 tons of uranium in a liquid fluoride thorium reactor.

Does a thorium battery really exist?

Thorium and uranium both emit ionizing alpha particles that can damage DNA and cause cancer. Being in a plasma state would not diminish the radioactivity of thorium. If such a thing as a plasma thorium battery exists, which I seriously doubt, there would be nothing green or safe about it.

What is the process of converting thorium to uranium?

The process of converting thorium to uranium involves bombarding thorium with neutrons. Thorium when bombarded with neutrons converts to a rsdioactive6 material called uranium 233 and becomes s fuel for nuclear power plants with a very short half-life Thorium is more abundant in nature than uranium.

How is thorium used as a fuel?

For convenience, thorium fuel can be used in the form of a liquid molten salt mixture. Fission occurs in thorium when atoms absorb a neutron to become a heavier isotope and quickly decay into an isotope of the element protactinium and then an isotope of uranium, which is fissioned when struck by an additional neutron.

What is the difference between thorium 232 and uranium 233?

During the fuel burning, thorium 232 transforms into a fissile uranium 233. Unlike natural uranium, natural thorium contains only trace amounts of fissile material (such as thorium 231), which are insufficient to initiate and sustain nuclear chain reaction. Therefore, additional fissile material is necessary to initiate the fuel cycle.

Some of you are confusing Thorium nuclear reactor technology with Thorium plasma battery technology – definetly not the same! The batteries use magnets and the the 232 Thorium isotope. The reactor teachnology uses molten salt and fission technology. Be aware of the difference folks. WTF? This article was posted on PO.com on April 11, 2011?

Is thorium nuclear power cheaper than uranium nuclear power?

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