Dating a girl with pcos

dating a girl with pcos

Can you date with PCOS?

Early Dating: Surface Exploration If you’re serious about finding a relationship partner, the purpose of a first date is merely to determine if you’re interested enough to have a second date. Because PCOS is an unknown for most people, and it’s a “disease,” treat it the way you would handle any other bad news.

Why is my partner concerned if I have PCOS?

Some theories behind PCOS include a hereditary predisposition, alterations in the signaling of the HPO, and a relationship between insulin and androgen. 4  If you have PCOS, your partner may be concerned about your health and the possible complications that you can experience.

Do all women with PCOS have weight problems?

Some women have weight problems some others don’t, and the same thing with hair or acne. The test I had (the one that actually confirmed that I have PCOS) was an gynecological ultrasound.

Where can I find a PCOS psychologist?

Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D., “The PCOS Psychologist,” is a health psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles, California. She a Certified PCOS Educator, and the founder of You can contact Dr. Kubacky at

Do women with PCOS have periods?

Well there are so many women with PCOS who haven’t had a natural period for months, if not years. When they do finally actually have a period, it’s cause for major celebration.

Can I get pregnant if I have PCOS?

Yes, its possible for women with PCOS to get pregnant on their own or with the help of medications that can help cause ovulation. What are the possible risks of PCOS to the mother and baby? Both women who have PCOS and their babies are more likely to have certain complications, including:

Can PCOS affect your relationships?

Here are some factors that can affect your relationships if you have PCOS and what you can do about it. Besides causing reproductive changes like irregular periods and difficulty conceiving, PCOS can cause a number of distressing dermatological symptoms such as acne, boils, irregular hair growth, hair loss, skin tags, and weight gain.

How did you deal with PCOS in your early 20s?

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s and went on birth control for 7 years. I went off for 3 months and started trying to get pregnant but I wasn’t ovulating or getting periods. I took Fertilemd supplement for one month and it jump-started my hormones.

How can I find a PCOS specialist?

The platform will serve as another resource by the PCOS Awareness Association to help support, educate, and advocate for PCOS awareness. You can browse the PCOS specialists who have already been added to the directory online at

What is the PCOS awareness Directory?

The directory also offers professionals and PCOS specialists a free and equal way to network and learn more about each other. The platform will serve as another resource by the PCOS Awareness Association to help support, educate, and advocate for PCOS awareness.

What is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects how a womans ovaries work. The 3 main features of PCOS are: irregular periods – which means your ovaries do not regularly release eggs (ovulation) excess androgen – high levels of male hormones in your body, which may cause physical signs such as excess facial or body hair.

Does everyone have the same level of access to PCOS care?

However, we recognize that everyone does not have the same level of access to care and information. The PCOS Directory is intended to help all patients worldwide connect with qualified professionals who can help enhance the quality of life for those suffering from PCOS.

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