Alibaba dating site

alibaba dating site

Is Alibaba legit or scam?

Is Alibaba legit? Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce portals in China — and perhaps the world — so it’s definitely legitimate. The suppliers who sell through it, though, are another story. While the majority of them are there to do business honestly, there have been some cases of them scamming their customers. So, how safe is Alibaba?

Is it safe to trade on Alibaba?

All trading (online or otherwise) comes with a degree of risk. The risks (or at least the stakes) are assumedly higher on Alibaba, though, since you’re often forced to buy multiple units of a product at once.

Why is Alibaba’s cloud business slowing down?

“Cloud is Alibaba’s second most important business after ecommerce, so the slowdown is concerning,” said Shawn Yang, managing director at Blue Lotus Capital Advisors. “Alibaba has been saying it was because of losing a key customer, which was ByteDance’s TikTok, but clearly there are other reasons too,” he said.

How do I know if my payment is secure on Alibaba?

Look for the “Secure Payment” box underneath an item’s ordering options on Alibaba. This will tell you that if you buy from this supplier, you get three safety guarantees. First, your payment won’t be released to the supplier until you receive your order and are satisfied with it.

Is it possible to get scammed on Alibaba?

Now, that being said, it is very possible – but much, much harder than it used to be – to get scammed on Alibaba. Most scams, however, are absolutely avoidable. With a combination of due diligence and the precautions that Alibaba itself puts in place, it’s very easy to avoid con artists.

What is Alibaba Gold Supplier scam and how to avoid it?

Many Alibaba scams use this strategy because they know that customers go for the products with a gold supplier’s name. As a customer, you need to know that suppliers can buy these accounts and still use them for selling fake goods. It doesn’t mean that because a supplier has a premium account, he/she is genuine.

Is it safe to buy branded products from Alibaba?

On Alibaba itself it is very easy – just stick with the rule of NOT buying branded goods and you have protected yourself from the 2 most common Alibaba scams in China. But what if you have found a website selling branded products? Here are a few simple rules to follow: 1.

What is the thirteenth Alibaba scam?

The thirteenth Alibaba Scams is suppliers who agree to use a trade assurance and lie later that they didn’t receive their money You may hear a lot that you can get protection when you use trade assurance, but some fake suppliers play smart. They use this strategy to get more customers, but after getting the customers, they end up coning them.

What is Alipay and Alibaba secure payment? Secure Payment aims to provide a safe payment service for all parties engaged in international trade. By partnering with an independent online payment platform (Alipay), provides payment security to both buyers and suppliers.

How do I pay on Alibaba?

Different online payment methods are available to pay on Alibaba, like PayPal, debit/credit card, wire transfer (TT). PayPal is the most secure payment method because it includes all the security features that other offers and, additionally, its support to open a dispute in case of any problem.

Is it safe to pay with credit cards on Alibaba?

Another way to be safe on Alibaba is to make sure the supplier accepts secure methods of payment. So yes, you can pay with credit cards on Alibaba. Truthfully, you’re 100% protected just by making sure the payment terms are protected until the products are in your home.

What happens if I do not get the order from Alibaba?

In case, you do not get the order Alibaba will pay back your money. Alibaba offers three payment option, All three methods are safe, specially AliPay and PayPal. To make sure the payment security, do check out the credibility of the supplies by looking at options of “ Gold Supplier ” and “ Trade Assurance.

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