Dating agency special needs

dating agency special needs

How do I start a special needs dating relationship?

Make sure to add details that uniquely describe you and your personality. This will help others to get to know you so you can connect and grow a special needs friendship or special needs dating relationship. Start your search for your brand new friends or romance!

Is it possible for people with special needs to date?

Dating is often a hot subject. With the rise of social media and mobile apps, there are infinite opportunities to meet your romantic match. However, when it comes to teens and adults with special needs, there may be fewer opportunities to make a love connection.

Are there any dating sites for special needs adults?

Dating Sites for Special Needs As far back as 1999, an organization named Make a Connection created a site where special needs adults can interact with others to develop friendships and dating. Today, sites like this give them opportunities to interact with others with similar needs.

Do adolescents with special needs disabilities have a higher risk of dating issues?

Well, prevalence studies specific to the dating and sexual activity of adolescents with special needs disabilities are rare; but there is research that suggests that special needs individuals are at higher risk than other adolescents.

Is dating important for special needs teens and adults?

But dating is not necessarily about sex. Yes, it’s something that is often shared when two adults care for one another, but it is important for special needs teens and adults to learn how to interact with other individuals who they may have a romantic interest in.

What is the relationship between disability and adolescence?

Disability and adolescence is an under researched area, with limited data on prevalence and impact. With regard to preventing disability, it is important to note that adolescence itself can be a risk or causal factor, as young people are at increased risk of acquiring impairments, for example through road traffic...

Are people with a learning disability at risk of sexual abuse?

Research suggests that children and adults with a learning disability are at a higher risk of sexual abuse than their non-disabled peers (Byrne, 2018). However, the sexual safety of people with a learning disability is usually better protected when their sexuality is recognised by learning disability services.

Can sex and relationships education help people with learning disabilities?

Generally, if they are given sufficient social support and accessible sex and relationships education, many people with a learning disability are able to engage in safe, healthy and happy personal and sexual relationships (Sinclair et al. 2015; Eastgate 2008).

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