Dating former student after graduation

dating former student after graduation

Is it okay to date a former student?

However, many probably wont want to date their students because of a perceived level of immaturity or because it would be unprofessional. Sure, you’re both adults so long if you are eighteen. In reality, it might be a professional mistake to date a former student.

Can a teacher date a student?

In the United States it is considered taboo for a teacher to date their students even after the student graduates. This is for number of reasons, but mostly because of expectations carried over from time in school. Teachers are expected to not think about their students sexually, and for good reason.

Can a teacher have a relationship with a former student?

In Georgia, teachers cannot ethically enter into relationships with former students until 6 months after the students high school graduation. If you are over 18, ya but he still may have trouble in the school if you did.

Was it consensual for a teacher to date an 18 year old?

It was consensual If the former student is 18 and is no longer in any way associated with the school, and is not special needs, then the former student is not creating any problems for herself (himself). The teacher, however, is likely to be put under a microscope.

Is it illegal for a teacher to date a student?

I know of teachers from when I was at school who dated students as soon as they left school and are now married with children. Its a little weird but people get over it. Its illegal for a current student, even one not in your class.

What happens if you date a former student?

This will motivate them to find out that your romantic partner is your former student. If you date more than one former student, people may view you as using your classroom as a hunting ground for future romance. If this sentiment is held widely, it could make your future students uncomfortable.

Would you date a working adult fresh out of high school?

A working adult dating someone fresh out of high school is in a position which screams manipulation, and the previous power imbalance doesnt help that image. Really, I date a former student. I was teaching a night class PT at a university, and met a working adult taking continuing ed courses.

Is it unethical for a professor to date a student?

So long as the professor-student relationship continues to exist, a potential power imbalance exists, and an ethical problem arises. Whether your colleagues consider this a serious ethical problem is addressed by Pete Clarks answer. Show activity on this post. No. This is not unethical.

Is it legal for a teacher to date an 18 year old?

Legally there is no problem but it does look bad. If the teacher is young enough to be dating an 18 year old they probably dont have tenure. The school they work at may look down on it and decide not to keep them in a tenure position.

Should professors be allowed to date students?

Students, all students, must be off-limits as romantic partners for professors and administrators in universities, regardless of what rules are in place.Professors who date students risk their jobs because a student body is not their sexual smorgasbord, and it is a breach of trust and duty to treat it like one.

Should teachers be allowed to talk to 17-year-old students?

While the law was written vaguely, a review of the legislative history clearly shows that lawmakers intended to criminalize contact between teachers and 16- or 17-year-old students, the court said.

Can an 18 year old date a 17 year old?

It is not illegal for a 18 year old to “date” a 17 year old. The trouble begins if the 18 year old wants to engage in the physical aspects of a romantic relationship with the 17 year old in a state that doesn’t have an exception for an adult and a minor so close in age. Is It Illegal For An 18 Year Old To Date A 17 Year Old?

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