Are zendaya & tom holland dating

are zendaya & tom holland dating

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland a couple?

In December, the pair then had their first public appearance as a couple at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere. Zendaya wore a black, mesh spider web dress and Tom sported a brown double-breasted suit as they posed on the red carpet. Couple goals!

Who is Tom Holland’s girlfriend?

While he’ll forever be known as Spider-Man to fans of the MCU, to Tom Holland’s girlfriend, he’s just Tom. Read on for who Tom Holland is dating now and who else he’s dated before his power relationship with Zendaya.

Is Tom Felton dating Zendaya?

Tom posted another photo of Zendaya on Instagram in November and called her “the most incredible person”. Finally, in an interview with GQ on November 17th, Tom opened up about the relationship.

Is Zendaya in Spider-Man No Way Home?

Zendaya and Tom Holland are all over our screens right now, as Spider-Man: No Way Home premieres across the world this week. Since 2017, Holland has played Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) and Zendaya his love interest, MJ, in the Marvel and Sony franchise.

Will Zendaya return as MJ in Spider-Man No Way Home?

While she is currently providing a voice for Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy, Zendaya has been discussing her anticipated return as MJ in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and how filming her third MCU appearance was a bittersweet affair thanks to the uncertainty about Spideys future.

What is Zendaya’s favorite Spider-Man?

Zendaya gets the spotlight in a new Spider-Man: No Way Home behind the scenes video shared online by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Euphoria actress admits that Spider-Man has always been her favorite hero, particularly because she can relate to his struggles with keeping a secret identity.

Is Zendayas MJ a loner or a confident person?

In an interview with, Zendaya spoke on how, in the first couple of Spider-Man movies, MJ is very much a loner. When Peter comes along, she becomes less and less so. Then, in No Way Home, MJ even becomes a much more positive and confident person, just like Peter. Read what Zendaya had to say about this role reversal below:

Is no way home the last Spider-Man movie?

Last week (Nov 29), Spider-Man: No Way Home producer Amy Pascal confirmed that Tom Holland will return as Spider-Man. Speaking to Fandango, she said: This is not the last Spider-Man movie. We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel.

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