Dating programmes apply

dating programmes apply

How do I apply for First Dates 2019?

How do I apply for First Dates 2019? Applications for First Dates 2020 - and for the younger among us, First Dates Teens - are OPEN. Contestants apply online by filling in an application form on the First Dates Take Part page.

What are the requirements to be on First Dates?

The first requirement is hopeful applicants must be 18 or over, and of course, single. You’ll have to be able to describe your ideal partner in 250 words or less. First Dates also asks for potential stars’ social media accounts, in order to check if they’re suitable for the show.

When can I apply for Love in the countryside 2019?

Applications are now officially open and you have until April 30, 2019 to apply here. A BBC Two show is also back on the hunt for Cornish singles searching for their soulmates. Love in the Countryside, hosted by presenter Sara Cox, helps rural romantics who are looking for love but find it difficult to meet potential partners.

What are First Dates and First Dates Hotel looking for?

Our award winning Channel 4 dating series, First Dates and First Dates Hotel, are looking for singletons searching for love.

How do I apply for first date?

To apply, the first thing you need to do is head over to the First Date’s casting website. There you’ll find an application form asking for some information about yourself. Heads up, some questions are more in-depth than others and may require you to prepare answers beforehand. What’s on the application form?

Are first dates 2019 applications still open?

First Dates 2019 applications are still open as Channel 4 is on the lookout for more singletons for the beloved dating series. Looking for love? Well, get yourself on First Dates pronto. The heart-warming dating series has been on TV for the last six years and still inspires a whole range of emotions for viewers.

What information is asked on First Dates application forms?

First Dates applications are open (Picture: Channel 4) Other information asked for on the form includes body type, ethnicity and occupation. Ethnicity is required to ensure a diverse cast of daters is selected.

Is the first dates 2019 season finished?

This prompted many viewers into thinking that the 2019 season had finished. Fear not, however, First Dates will continue to air every Tuesday night across June. Both First Dates and First Dates Hotel accept applicants throughout the year. To state your interest, simply submit a quick application form on the TwentyTwenty website.

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