Is aleister black dating zelina vega

is aleister black dating zelina vega

Are Zelina Vega and Aleister Black married?

WWE stars Zelina Vega and Aleister Black hitched in shock marriage. WWE stars Zelina Vega and Aleister Black have shocked the wrestling world by reportedly tying the knot...despite fans having no idea they were even dating!

What lipstick should Zelina Vega wear?

If Zelina Vega wanted to manage her husband Aleister Black, this is what she should wear. All black everything looks great on her and this look is right up Aleister’s way. Only a few women can pull off the black lipstick and black everything look and Zelina is one of them. Zelina Vega has something with red right now and that is perfectly fine.

Is Zelina Vega’s husband the most beautiful woman in WWE?

Maybe because she isn’t in the ring as much, but Zelina Vega doesn’t get the same credit as other women in the WWE do like Alexa Bliss and Mandy Rose, for being as beautiful as she is. And if anyone would tell you about how great she looks, it’s her husband, Aleister Black.

Is Aleister Black in a relationship with a snake?

Aleister Black is probably perfectly fine with a little snake around his wife and somehow, Zelina Vega turns a dangerous animal into a fashion accessory. It takes nerves of steel to let a snake slither all over you for a photo, so mad props to Zelina for doing what needed to be done.

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