Dating royal doulton character jugs

dating royal doulton character jugs

How do I identify a Royal Doulton Toby Jug?

Characteristic marks for the Royal Doulton firm, including registration marks, are found on the underside of the jug. By the 1960s, the rule that multiple registration marks must appear on the toby jugs was reconsidered. Values depend on condition, character, and rarity.

What is the Royal Doulton collection?

Collecting Royal Doulton’s Williamsburg characters! In 1960 Doulton introduced their popular Williamsburg personalities into the HN collection and they were soon followed by seven character jugs representing characters from colonial Williamsburg.

What do the marks on Royal Doulton jewellery mean?

There are many Royal Doulton marks to look out for-the trademarks, various base marks, pattern codes and numbers. These all signify the authenticity and value of the piece. Here are some markings to look out for:

When did the Doulton name come into being?

The Doulton name has built a long and distinguished pedigree that dates back to 1815. The Royal Doulton – Dickens Character Jugs Collection. The Doulton Dickens Character Jugs Collection includes …

Are Toby Jugs made by Royal Doulton&Watts?

Doulton & Watts gradually expanded the company’s Toby Jug offerings, adding a robust lineup of subjects. The Large Character King Henry VIII Toby Jug was among the most well-received offerings. During the 1860s, Doulton began making Toby Jugs from popular stoneware. During the 1920s, Royal Doulton drastically revised its popular Toby Jugs.

How do you identify a Royal Doulton jug?

Standard Royal Doulton markings provide useful details, and each piece’s characteristics also provide valuable clues. All Royal Doulton identifying marks are found on the jug’s underside. Marks include the company’s well-known lion and crown trademark.

What is the history of the Toby Jug?

The Royal Doulton firm who also makes figurines has made toby jugs dating back to the 1800s. The Royal Doulton lion and crown trademark is used on toby jugs.

Which Toby Jugs are the most valuable?

In 1938, Royal Doulton introduced the jolly-looking Old King Cole Character Jug with a yellow crown. This version is much more valuable than jugs with other crown colors. 6. Standing Man Somber (Mini) Royal Doulton made this compact white-and-tan hand-painted jug in 1925. It’s one of the earliest Toby Jug pieces, and it now commands a high value.

What was the original name of Doulton&Co?

The company took the name Doulton & Co. in 1854 after the retirement of John Watts in 1853, and a merger with Henry Doulton and Co. (see below), although the trading name of Doulton & Watts continued to be used for decades.

Who was John Doulton?

© Michael Perry 2011. Contact John Doulton, born in London on 17th November 1793, was made an apprentice at the Fulham Pottery in 1805 and completed his apprenticeship in 1812. Doulton then found employment as a thrower at a small pottery in Vauxhall Walk, owned, following the death of her husband, by a Mrs Martha Jones.

Who is the Royal Doulton family?

Doulton was granted a Royal Warrant and right to use ‘Royal’ in the name of its products by King Edward VII in 1901. Henry Lewis Doulton remained as Managing Director until 1918 and as Chairman until 1925. Having no children, Lewis Doulton looked to his nephew, Lewis John Eric Hooper to continue the family connection with the business.

What is the history of Doulton School?

The nearby Lambeth School of Art became associated with the Doulton business from about the same time and Henry Doulton joined the Board of the School in 1863.

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