Dating griswold skillets

dating griswold skillets

How old is my Griswold cast iron skillet?

If your skillet has a Griswold logo, it was made between 1905-1957. During this time, the Griswold Manufacturing Company used a variety of logos and markings Griswold skillets. Luckily we can use these markings to determine the age of your Griswold cast iron skillet.

Are Griswold skillets made by merit?

Yes, Merit skillets were made by Griswold as well. Griswold cast iron skillet identification and dating. You can identify your skillet by using logos and marking on your skillet. This site and other online resources can help you date your Griswold cast iron skillet.

What kind of oven does Griswold make?

Griswold made a variety of Dutch Ovens and roasters. Most ovens are clearly marked, making identification easy. This skillet has a slanted logo. Keep on the lookout for these pans. Pans with this logo are considered to be some of the best Griswold-made iron. What do the Griswold logos look like?

What happened to Griswold cookware?

In 1969 the General House Ware Corporation bought the rights of both Griswold and Wagner. Griswold made a variety of cookware, including enameled cast iron and muffin pans. Beautifully restored Griswold skillet.

How much is a Griswold Skillet worth?

A mint condition, super rare spider skillet made in the 1890s by Griswold is worth up to $8,000. Maybe you are lucky enough to have inherited some cast iron from a relative or you want to shop for antique cast iron but dont know where to start or what you should look for.

When was the Griswold Erie cast iron skillet made?

Griswold used this logo between 1880-1907. Erie cast iron was manufactured between 1880-1907. Over the years, Griswold made slight changes to the Erie line. Such as the handle, Erie logo, and the pattern number in the center. In total, there are six known series of Erie skillets.

How do I identify a Griswold Puritan Skillet?

From the 1920s to-1930s, Griswold Puritan cast iron will have a pattern number at 6 o’clock. If you have Puritan cast iron, click the link to learn more. Best Made Sillets were made by Griswold Manufacturing for Sears. Puritan Cast iron skillet made by Griswold Manufacturing Company. To identify Puritans skillets that were made Griswold.

How do you date Griswold cast iron cookware?

The best way to date Griswold cast iron is by referencing the Griswold logo, or maker’s mark, on the bottom of your cast iron. The “Griswold,” “Erie” and “Griswold cross” logos appeared and disappeared, were enlarged and repositioned every few years beginning with the first cookware produced in the 1880s.

What is the history of Griswold cookware?

Griswold was one of the county’s most popular cast iron manufacturers in the mid-1800s, known as the Griswold Manufacturing Company. Today, Griswold cookware is a beloved collector’s item, known for one of the best quality cast iron pieces you can possibly buy. The company was founded in 1865 under the name of Seldon-Griswold Manufacturing Company.

What happened to Griswold Manufacturing Company?

Under Marvin Griswold’s leadership, the company saw a period of rapid growth. The company began selling their products worldwide and gained a reputation for production quality cast iron cookware. By the 1940s, the Griswold Manufacturing Company had hit hard times.

Is Griswold cast iron kitchenware still good?

When the Griswolds began producing cast iron kitchenware in the 1870s, their focus was on quality. This means that today, most vintage Griswold Manufacturing Company cast iron products still in circulation are as good as they were the day they were cast.

What is the most collectable Seldon Griswold cookware?

The most collectable items made at this time were waffle irons, mailbox flaps, and spittoons bearing the company logo: “Seldon-Griswold.” In the 1870s, the company expanded its product line to include cast iron cookware.

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