Furnace humidifier hookup

furnace humidifier hookup

How to connect a humidifier to a furnace?

How to Connect a Humidifier to a Furnace 1 Choose a System. The least expensive system is one that uses a drum to deliver water from a reservoir to the furnace’s hot air supply for the house. 2 Mount Components. ... 3 Connect the Plumbing. ... 4 Connect the Electrical Components. ...

Can a humidifier clog a furnace return duct?

This type of system clogs easily with well water or water high in mineral content. Drum and flow-through humidifiers typically mount to the cold air return duct near the furnace with a hose that connects to the warm air supply duct. A mist unit attaches to the wall next to the furnace, and only the wand extends into the warm air duct.

How does a flow-through humidifier work on a furnace?

A flow-through humidifier typically is mounted to the furnaces cold-air return duct and connects to the hot-air supply off the furnace through a humidifier supply takeoff duct.

Can you wire a humidifier to a blower?

Wiring a Humidifier to a Furnace Blower. When air circulates the area and goes right into the heat exchanger, their exposure to the hot metal tubes removes the moisture. In order to bring back moisture back inside the house or any given space, an automatic furnace humidifier should be installed.

Can I add a humidifier to my furnace?

You will need to choose a system to attach to the furnace so that your home can be humidified. You will also need to think about the mount components as well, which will help support the new humidifier when you are attaching it to the furnace.

How do you wire a humidistat to a furnace?

Some humidistats mount to the cold air return near the furnace, while others mount in the living space near the thermostat. Either way, you need to wire the humidistat into the humidifier box. You also need to tap into an existing hot wire to power the humidifier and its transformer. Working with electricity can be dangerous.

How does a furnace humidifier work?

A humidifier provides a solution by adding moisture to the air exhausted through heating ducts. Humidifiers that connect to a homes furnace come in three basic designs, all of which raise relative humidity in the home.

How do you mount a humidifier in an HVAC system?

Mount unit and humidistat: Typically, your HVAC professional will need to cut into your return air duct to mount the humidifier and humidistat. Install supply duct: This line will bring water to the humidifier. Install drain piping: This will allow water to leave the humidifier.

How do I hook up a humidifier to my furnace?

They should also have a wiring diagram for this type of setup, in the installation instructions. Basically, the primary side of the transformer will connect to the EAC-1 terminal, and a neutral terminal on the furnace control board. Then the secondary side will power the humidifier.

What voltage should a humidifier run on a furnace?

When the furnace is running in heat mode, you should measure ~120 volts about 1 second after the blower motor starts. According to the manufacturer, the HUM terminal is rated for 1 ampere at 120 volts. You may be able to simply connect the wire from the humidifier to the W terminal in the furnace, instead of directly to the transformer.

Can you plug a humidifier into a 24V transformer?

If your HUM terminal is rated for enough current to power your humidifier (unless you have an unusual setup, they probably are) and if your humidifier uses 24v DC. You can probably skip using the transformer and wire your humidifier direct to the HUM and common terminals.

How do I Turn on the humidifier without a switch?

If you dont want a manual switch, you could mess around with a relay or other control circuitry. Using a relay, it could be wire up like this. That way the humidifier will run whenever the fan is running, except when the thermostat is calling for cool.

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